HERO - 1000 Urban Scholars Program

The College Success Foundation – District of Columbia has partnered with 1000 Urban Scholars to launch a college scholarship program focused on high school students in underserved communities. By coupling financial incentives from 1000 Urban Scholars with early college-readiness programs administered by the HERO Initiative, the donors aspire to increase the pool of college-bound students in Washington, DC.

1000 Urban Scholars provides selected students, called U-Scholars, with up to $10,000 to attend a four-year college or university. The scholarship is structured to provide HERO students with a commitment for a base grant of $5,000 at the end of their ninth grade year with an opportunity for recipients to increase their scholarship through academic achievement and other factors throughout their high school years.

Monish Kundra and his wife Minal Damani Kundra founded 1000 Urban Scholars. Together, they are devoted to improving educational opportunities for youth in underserved communities in the Washington, DC area. They believe that completion of a four-year post-secondary degree will allow inspired students to change the path of their lives and their community forever.

The application period for U Scholars is now open.  The application materials are available below:


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