HERO Summer Leadership Academy

College Success Foundation - DC HERO Program annually conducts a summer Leadership Academy in July and August for HERO Program participants, including a week-long tour of Marine Science and Oceanography Institute and college tour. For summer 2013, the Microsoft corporation is the program sponsor.

There are four major goals for the DC HERO Leadership Academy including specific objectives within each of the goals.

Goal #1 – Prepare students to transition to next grade level

  Objective #1 - Identify academic performance level for English, Math and Writing using report cards and DC-BAS test results and provide remedial academic enrichment. Evaluate effective of academic enrichment through testing at the beginning and end of the Leadership Academy.

Goal #2 – Continue and enhance delivery of HERO College Preparatory Curriculum

  Objective #2.1 – Additional curriculum on key foundational elements for academic success:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Study Skills and Note Taking
  • Decision Making
  • Conflict Management
  • Time Management
  • College Selection
  • Career Planning

  Objective #2.2 - Prepare rising juniors to successfully apply for the DC Achievers Scholarship in the fall.

Goal #3 – Provide SAT/PSAT Preparation

  Objective #3 – Provide SAT/PSAT preparation through practice tests and foundational skill development.

Goal #4 – Hold College Tour

  Objective #4 – Provide a week-long overnight Marine Science and Oceanography Institute and College Tour as a capstone to the Academy.


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