Summer Session Scholarship Award Application (SSSAA)

Summer Session Scholarship Award Policy


The College Success Foundation-District of Columbia (CSF-DC) created the following policy to award scholarship funding for summer sessions. Scholarship funding for summer study is not guaranteed, and funding will be allocated at the discretion of CSF-DC and in compliance with the policy and procedure listed below. All students requesting funding for summer session must complete the Summer Session Scholarship Award Application (SSSAA). You should receive a response from your cohort manager within 5 business days. If approved, please allow up to two weeks for scholarship processing. 




Minimum GPA Requirement
Students must have a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0. If a student has not earned the minimum cumulative GPA, s/he will not receive approval for summer scholarship funding (unless an appeal with supporting documentation of extenuating circumstances has been approved).


Repeated Courses

Students may not use summer funding for classes they have previously enrolled in and received a grade (including W, I, D, F).


Academic Probation or Warning 

Students must be in good academic standing as determined by their college/university. If the student is on academic warning or academic probation, s/he will not receive approval for summer scholarship funding (unless an appeal with supporting documentation of extenuating circumstances has been approved).


Satisfactory Academic Progress  

Students must demonstrate Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), as determined by their college/university in order to receive summer session funding. If the student is not making SAP, s/he will not receive approval for summer scholarship funding (unless an appeal with supporting documentation of extenuating circumstances has been approved).


Financial Aid Eligibility

Students must apply for federal and campus-based financial aid for summer term study. If a student is eligible for federal and/or campus-based funding for the summer term, s/he must use those funds first. CSF-DC summer funding is “last dollar in.”


Academic Advisor Approval 

Students must obtain their academic advisor’s approval for summer term funding. The academic advisor must indicate on the Summer Session Scholarship Award Application (SSSAA) that the credit/unit hours for summer are required for degree completion. If the student has registered for courses at an institution other than his/her home institution, the academic advisor must also affirm that the credit/unit hours are transferable to the home institution. If the student’s academic advisor fails to sign the SSSAA, s/he will not receive approval for summer scholarship funding.


Document Submission  

Students must submit the following information to be considered for summer funding: 

  • Summer Session Scholarship Award Application. 
  • Financial Aid Award Letter: The award letter must indicate all available summer aid to offset the cost of courses. 
  • Unofficial Transcript: The unofficial transcript must be complete and contain the total attempted credits, accumulated credits, major, classification and cumulative GPA. 
  • Course Schedule: The course schedule must list the courses and credits attempted for the summer term.  
  • Summer session bill: The bill must include total amount for summer session and due date 


If a student does not submit the required documents, s/he will not receive approval for summer term funding.


Community College Requirement for Freshman and Sophomore Students  

Students within their first and second years of college are required to register for core/general education requirement credit/unit hours at a local community college. The courses must be indicated on the SSSAA and approved by the student’s academic advisor as transferrable to the home institution. Listed below are local community colleges where core/general education credit requirements may be earned/met.


Approved Local Community Colleges include:

·         University of the District of Columbia Community College

·         Prince Georges Community College

·         Montgomery College

·         Northern Virginia Community College


Satisfactory Completion  

Students are expected to successfully complete courses for which they receive summer term funding by earning a final grade of “C’ or better. If a student withdraws from a summer session course or receives a final grade below a “C”, the student will be ineligible for future summer session funding.  




  • Student must obtain and review the Summer Session Scholarship Award Policy 
  • Student must submit a completed Summer Session Scholarship Award Application to his/her College Support Advisor. 
  • Student must submit all required documentation as listed in the policy. 
  • Student must submit academic advisor’s signature and contact information to be considered eligible for summer term funding. 
  • If a student believes s/he should be exempt from the established policy, the student must notify the cohort manager in advance of a request for summer funding.  
  • Written documentation is required for exemption from or to waive of any part of this policy, as a result of extenuating circumstances. The student must submit documentation at the time that s/he submits the completed SSSAA. 




If a student has not met SAP requirements or is on Academic Probation/Warning/Academic Suspension, approval for summer funding MAY be granted if major life events have impacted the student's ability to satisfy the requiremente outlined in this policy.  A written explanation, detailing the circumstances MUST be submitted to the College Support Advisor along with the completed SSSAA and supporting documentaion.


Major life events may include death of parent, spouse, or sibling. If freshman or sophomore students have a legitimate reason, whereby the Community College Requirement is impractical or they must take specific courses only offered at their home institution, the student MAY be granted permission to waive this requirement. Written documentation explaining the circumstances must be submitted to the student’s College Support Advisor. 


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