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As we have transitioned away from the secondary schools’ portion of the BMGF grant, we have reviewed the success of the program over the past 11 years and determine how we can continue to improve the outcomes for the students we continue to serve in Wards 7 & 8.

Under the Gates grant, we were focused on noncognitive skills development. Enhancements to our program include a heavy focus on cognitive skills development through academic preparedness for grades 7 through 12. As we have moved away from having a scholarship to award to our students, we are now focused on preparing them to be better consumers of the various scholarships that are available to them. We have found that there is scholarship money being left on the table each year. We want our students to know how to find that money, and to be academically prepared to compete for the various scholarships available.

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We have developed a guided pathway of integrated academic and developmental services and supports to assist students to complete high school, graduate college and enter into careers.




We engage with students as early as 7th grade to increase college awareness.
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upward bound

We help high school students meet timelines and requirements for graduation and college.
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We stay connected to our college scholars during college and provide mentoring during their first two years.
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CSF - DC Alumni

We create a network of community-minded leaders, ready to transition from college to career.
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